Games that connect!

The entertaining & social way to

Build stronger relationships!

Host your own contests

And strengthen your brand and your bottom line

Our value-added


Choose or create games that best suit your audience.


Connect with users through our embedded tools.


Customize with your logo and design.


Understand user behavior and participation metrics


Integrate your own partners and advertisers.

How it works

We make it easy to set up and manage your game

Your game setup can take less than one minute, if you simply select our pre-built Ready-Made Games, or you can take your time and design your own custom game experience!

Customize background images, typography, colors and promotional graphics for the online game, as well as for the automated email reminder and confirmation messages.

Once you brand the game, you can reuse the branding for other games you create.

Trigger email invitations to play, or promote via social media or digital or print ads.

Also download all user registration information for (opt-in) users who have played whichever past games of yours you signify.

Every single game hosted at Forecaster Games is about Community Engagement!

Beyond the game itself, our platform offers many outstanding features that can keep your game participants interacting with you, and with one another.

Analyze who's most involved, and equip yourself and your staff with helpful banter to build relationships.

Access detailed analytics information regarding the popularity and usage of your game, across whatever time period you'd like.


… and increase your revenues using games that connect

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