Games that connect!

Improve your client relationships,
your staff culture,

and your audience engagement!

Host your own contests

Easily set up fun and engaging games that you can private-label for your brand and audience.

Here’s what you get:


Play the games your audience enjoys. From March Madness brackets to Fantasy Football to red-carpet awards shows like the Oscars, there’s fun for every taste!


Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s impersonal. People will connect in a fun way to create bonds that last.


Use our white-label platform to customize your games with your logo and design. Your brand will be front and center - and part of the fun.


You can easily track participation to measure the success of your games.


Build better relationships with your partners and advertisers with unique revenue opportunities.

How it works

It’s easy to set up and manage your game.

Select a pre-built game for a 1-minute setup. Or you can invest a bit more time to design your own custom game experience.

Customize your games and automated email reminders with your own images, colors and branding.

Increase engagement with triggered email invitations, or spread the word through social media or ads. You can also download registration information for your users and promote to them.

Break down barriers and give players the opportunity to engage with one another in a fun and supportive way.

See who’s most involved with the game, and equip yourself and your staff with helpful banter to break the ice. You’ll be able to build on engagement or try something new depending on participation.


… and increase your revenue and retention

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