just set up a free trial game for up to five participants
No credit card required.
To move from trial mode to live mode, you'll need to purchase enough Forecaster Games Credits to cover the cost of the game
The more Credits you purchase, the less expensive each Credit is, which is why the pricing below is described as price ranges.
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Simplified Summary of Typical Game Pricing
SHORT: Less than 2 weeks
examples: Academy Awards, Super Bowl, single PGA event or NASCAR race.
cost in credits: 1200
minimum cost in $: $150
maximum cost in $: $260
MEDIUM: Less than 6 weeks
examples: March NCAA Basketball championship tournament, mini NBA fantasy challenge.
cost in credits: 2400
minimum cost in $: $300
maximum cost in $: $500
LONG: Less than 6 months
examples: Season-long fantasy football, hockey, etc.
cost in credits: 4800
minimum cost in $: $600
maximum cost in $: $900
pricing details
The primary factor in pricing is the combined duration of all the Game Periods of your game
Forecaster Games are made up of "Game Periods", during which game participants make their predictions, and then see how well their predictions turned out.
Many games consist of multiple Game Periods, whereby each week the participants make a new set of selections.
Common Games with Multiple Game Periods:
fg_shield_gray Which sports teams will win that week
fg_shield_gray Which athletes will perform the best
fg_shield_gray Which reality-TV star will survive to compete another week
The table above tells you how many Credits are needed for a game with various Unique Combined Game Period Durations (UCGPD).
If the CGPD is longer than 200 days, an additional block of 200 days can be purchased for an additional 4800 Credits.
optional premium features
Game pricing can also vary depending upon whether your game includes any of the following
When your participants register for a game, you can require that they join a particular Division. Your game can offer different prizes for Division winners, and Divisions can help improve the relationship between your participants and your brand.
fg_shield_gray For example, a chain of restaurants or fitness centers could offer prizes to the highest scorer from each location, and can also offer a single grand prize to the winner across all locations.
fg_shield_gray A family of radio stations can split up a single game among listeners from all its individual stations.
If you want to use more than one Division in your game, you can spend 240 Credits per each additional Division you need.
The cost for each 240-Credits Division can range from $30 to $60, depending upon your Credit package.
The number of Credits needed is initially based on Game Duration and whether you want additional Divisions. That base cost supports a game of up to 3000 participants.
If you want up to 6000 participants, then this base cost gets doubled. Up to 9000, it gets tripled. And so on.
There is no need to pay any additional Credits until the number of participants who have registered for your game approaches these thresholds!
Our platform offers you a configurable set of rules that form the agreement between your company and all your game participants. These standard rules can be used at no additional charge.
If for whatever reason you'd like to set up a custom user agreement between your company and the game participants, then an additional cost of 1200 Credits would apply. The cost of 1200 Credits can range from $150 to $260, depending upon the Credits package you've purchased.
Our experienced team has been managing contests - online and off - for over 30 years! Contact Us for a custom quote for additional assistance with any of the following:
fg_shield_gray Branding / Graphic Arts
fg_shield_gray Game Design
fg_shield_gray Prize Management / Eligibility Verification
fg_shield_gray Other game-related services
Would you like to run your games under a unique domain name that you own? For a one-time charge of 600 Credits (which ranges from $75 to $140), you can set up a Custom Domain with us, which can be used as the foundation for as many games as you'd like! For example
Price List For Credits
Credits Price
120 $30
600 $140
1,200 $260
2,400 $500
4,800 $900
7,200 $1200
15,360 $2400
32,880 $4800
48,000 $6000
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