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Your organization automatically interacts with — and rewards — the people you depend on. Increased mindshare is a critical step towards increased revenues.

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Use sports, entertainment, and major news events to support and strengthen your brand and your bottom line.

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Football pick'ems, award-show predictions, March basketball bracket mayhem, elections, fantasy sports – we support scores of variations so you can target topics of local, regional, or national interest.

Simply upload your logo, and you´re ready to go. Or you can optionally add sponsors and prizes, and customize any game´s look-and-feel even further.

Trigger email invitations to play, or promote via social media or digital or print ads.

Analyze who´s most involved, and equip yourself and your staff with helpful banter to build relationships.

As game deadlines approach, our platform automatically reminds yours audience to participate. Winner announcements can also be sent out after each stage. Choose to be as hands-on or as hands-free as you´d like! Appoint "celebrity participants" to help bring out the competitive edge in your audience.

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