Staff Connect

Give your staff something to buzz about across departments and product lines.

Build Camaraderie

Raise spirits and raise the visibility of corporate materials by hosting fun contests for your entire staff. With contests that strengthen relationships across departmental lines and across rungs in the corporate ladder, your team will truly elevate their esprit de "corp."

March Madness, the Academy Awards, American Idol, football season, The Masters, elections… we run contests all year ´round about popular events that people care about. Everybody loves competitions among superstars on the field, on the screen, on the air, on stage, and in the news.

Staff Connect offers common experiences they can all enjoy. And while your co-workers may not click over to their HR intranet very often, our games can get crucial corporate materials the eyeballs they need.

A fun way
to improve in-house communications

Nobody has a crystal ball, but everybody has an opinion! Staff Connect lets you host online games with elegant designs and straightforward gameplay. Our technology does all the hard work, and allows you to integrate custom announcements and links to HR matters that concern every employee. (Enticing prizes that you can supply also generate interest, of course :-)

Here's an example

Say you own Kingfish Consulting Corp., a tech advisory and outsourcing agency with headquarters spread across three cities. Depending upon the assignment and client, different experts from your various locales get pulled in. Additionally, you´ve just decided to switch corporate health-care plans, and there´s a suite of deadlines coming that everyone needs to keep in mind. Here´s how Staff Connect can help:

1) Select

Choose an upcoming event your clients care about

At Kingfish Consulting, many staffers love binge-watching TV and going to the movies, and the Primetime Emmy Awards are coming up. So you choose a trilogy of contests starting with the Emmys, continuing with a box-office earnings 10-week ranking challenge, and ending with the Academy Awards.

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