Patient Connect

Offer some healthy fun to those in need of your care.

Star Treatments

Here´s a great way to reach out to your patients outside your office walls that´s way beyond appointment reminders and birthday cards. It takes very little time and maintenance by you and your staff, and it´s a great way for you to show that you appreciate their trust!

Our online contests foster positive associations and fun, and can appeal to any and every age range. Popular events like March Madness, the Academy Awards, American Idol, The Masters, Elections -- they keep people talking, and keep them guessing.

Remind Them of Preventation
Using Playful Competitions

Nobody has a crystal ball, but everybody has an opinion! Patient Connect lets you host online games with elegant designs and straightforward gameplay. Our technology does all the hard work, and helps you promote the games pre-launch and while it´s underway. (Enticing prizes that you can supply don´t hurt, either :-)

Here's an example

Say you run the Kingfish Veterinary Clinic, a practice that caters to a wide range of animals and their owners. Your team gets the call day or night in times of illness. But there are excellent reasons to stay in touch, and maximize participation in regular checkups. Here´s how Patient Connect can help:

1) Select

Choose an upcoming event your clients care about

You live and work in an NFL town, and pet owners regularly come in to Kingfish Veterinary with their dogs, cats, and even iguanas decked out in team colors. So with Week 1 coming up next month, you select an NFL pickem challenge that carries forward all season long.

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