Customer Connect

Generate repeat business by engaging clientele in and out of your establishment.

Many Happy Returns

What do restaurants, fitness clubs, and banks have in common? Repeat business and referrals are their lifeblood, and they all service steady streams of customers who follow vastly different usage patterns. All these establishments work to upsell, and all benefit when loyalty measures go up.

Promotional contests that revolve around predicting current events can add whimsical urgency to your interactive marketing. With so many games to choose from, you can design a campaign that involve activities both within and outside your physical establishments. Popular events like March Madness, the Academy Awards, American Idol, The Masters, Elections -- all of these bring your diverse custoer base together in spirited conversation, if not in full agreement.

A Refreshing Recipe
to Increase their Appetite

Nobody has a crystal ball, but everybody has an opinion! Customer Connect lets you host online games with elegant designs and straightforward gameplay. Our technology does all the hard work, and helps you promote the games pre-launch and while it´s underway. (Enticing prizes that naturally ties in with your core services don´t hurt, either :-)

Here's an example

Say you own Kingfisher´s Restaurant -- a popular fish join overlooking the river. Your customers turn to you for excellent food at reasonable prices, with service that truly cares. Here´s how Customer Connect can help:

1) Select

Choose an upcoming event your clients care about

The classic March college hoops tournament is just a few weeks away, and with three regional colleges likely to make the big basketball tournament, Kingfisher´s wants to capitalize on the madness.

In order to maximize participation and keep things interesting, you also sign up for a "busted bracket" contest, that allows everyone to reformulate their predictions when the final 16 teams remain.

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