Client Connect

Boost the attention your sales representatives get from their clients.

Keep clients engaged

Building and maintaining long-term business relationships is key to your company┬┤s repeat business, reputation, and brand. And it demands consistent. personal contact with your customers. That can be a challenge in today┬┤s oversheduled world.

Even busy people love fun contests about popular events like March Madness, the Academy Awards, American Idol, The Masters, Elections, and other competitions among superstars on the field, on the screen on the air, on stage, and in the news.

A unique and effective
b2b relationship-building tool

Nobody has a crystal ball, but everybody has an opinion! Client Connect lets you host online games with elegant designs and straightforward gameplay. Our technology does all the hard work, and helps you promote the games, pre-launch and while it┬┤s underway. (Enticing prizes that you can supply don┬┤t hurt, either :-)

Here's an example

Say you own Kingfish Nautical Wholesale, Inc., a company that sells boats and boating supplies to retailers across the country. Your regional representatives supervise local reps who spend most days calling on large chains and independent stores. Here┬┤s how Client Connect can help:

1) Select

Choose an upcoming event your clients care about

Many of Kingfish Nautical┬┤s clients are based in the South and Other regions in which auto racing is very popular, so you choose a 10-week series of contests built around NASCAR┬┤s 10-week playoff championship series.

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