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Raise funds for any non-profit
— and increase your appeal.

Lively Motivation for Your Cause

Tired of the usual fundraising raffles? With Donor Connect, you can offer participants actual entertainment value in exchange for their contributions. Or perhaps you´re looking for a way to stay in touch with your donor base, aside from Yet Another Fundraising Email?

Our online contests can appeal to any and every age range. Popular events like March Madness, the Academy Awards, American Idol, The Masters, Elections -- they keep people talking, and keep them guessing.

Get a Response,
Without the Nonchalance

Nobody has a crystal ball, but everybody has an opinion! Donor Connect lets you host online games with elegant designs and straightforward gameplay. Our technology does all the hard work, and helps you promote the games pre-launch and while it´s underway. (Enticing prizes that you can supply don´t hurt, either :-)

Here's an example

Say you´re the national director of popular fraternity ΚΦΨ - Kappa Phi Psi. Your "Kingfish Foundation" raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, through the enthusiastic participation of students and alumni across the country. You´re looking for a way to keep your alumni network engaged, and also keep awareness of the Foundation´s events high. Here´s how Donor Connect can help:

1) Select

Choose an upcoming event your alumni care about

Given the popularity of the Kingfish Foundation´s annual golf tournament every April, you select a 4-stage fantasy golf contest, starting with the Masters in April, and running through the three other PGA majors through July.

Prior to each PGA event, Forecaster Games divides the field into 10 balanced groups of 8 golfers. Participants are charged with selecting the one golfer from each group that they think will perform the best during that tournament.

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